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Why you should trust us to look after your after-sales repairs.

Nu Life Stone Care has been around for many years, it was taken over by Andy in 2019 after emigrating to Australia earlier that year, Andy has been a Stonemason for nearly 23 years and has worked primarily in the bench-top side of the trade since January 1999.

Gleaning knowledge from every aspect of the trade from learning how to polish edges and faces to marble and granite in a factory setting, templating and installing in peoples homes throughout England, to starting a stone restoration business in the U.K called Stone Smart, dealing with every type of repair to all stone types including quartz, we believe we are in the best position to now be able to offer the very best after sales repair service for stone bench-top manufacturers.

We’ve Listened.

Listening to our direct customers, hearing of their frustrations of not knowing where to turn when it comes to trouble shooting issues and finding a reputable company to undertake more specialised repairs to their stone bench-tops, there is a clear need for an answer to this issue. After care is hugely important for the satisfaction of the customer and we believe we can offer the very best service to remedy this issue.

We’ve also listened to Stone Bench-Top manufacturers, we deal with them on a day to day basis and understand that after care can be a pretty big challenge. In an ideal world your interaction with the end customer would end upon installation.

Care-Cover is the answer.

Care-Cover aims to be the very best service for the end customer. Where you finish, Care-Cover takes over. From the moment the Bench-tops are installed the Care-Cover warranty is active*.

This means that no matter the issue, as long as the bench-tops were installed to industry standard, any issues that arise will be dealt by with our team, freeing up your admin and installation guys to get on with what they do best. 

Learn More.

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