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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What types of stone benchtops does Nu-Cover service?

  • We specialise in after-care for a variety of stone benchtops, including granite, marble, quartz, and engineered stone. Our team is equipped to handle a wide range of stone types, each with its unique care requirements.

2. How often should my stone benchtop be serviced?

  • The frequency of service depends on the type of stone and the level of usage. Generally, we recommend at least an annual check-up. However, if you spot damage and we attend to repair we will give your bench tops a full health check and inform you of any recommendations 

3. What does a minor repair entail?

  • Minor repairs typically address small-scale damages such as chips and light stains, minor repairs can also be deemed as any repair that can be rectified in under two hours. These repairs are less invasive and are aimed at maintaining the aesthetic quality of your benchtop.

4. What is considered a major repair?

  • Major repairs involve addressing significant issues like hairline cracks, scratches, structural problems, or extensive wear. These repairs can be more complex and might require more time to restore the benchtop’s integrity sometimes major repairs can take multiple visits but are considered as being 1 repair under our terms and conditions.

5. Can I upgrade my service plan midway?

  • Absolutely! You can upgrade your service plan at any time to enjoy additional benefits. Just contact our customer service team, and they’ll assist you with the upgrade process.

6. Are there any types of damage not covered by your after-care plans?

  • Our after-care plans do not cover damages resulting from misuse, neglect, or accidents. Damage from extreme events like earthquakes or floods is also typically excluded. Damage caused by your supplier, installer and/or other trades before your plan commences (please see clause 6. of out terms of service).

7. How do I request a service under my plan?

  • To request a service, simply contact us through the method outlined in your service agreement, whether it’s via phone, email, or our online portal. Provide your plan details and a description of the issue, and we’ll schedule your service.

8. What happens if I sell my house? Is the after-care service transferable?

  • Currently, our after-care plans are not transferable and are valid only for the original purchaser. If you sell your property, the new owner would need to arrange their own after-care service plan.

9. How do I renew my service plan once it expires?

  • As your plan nears expiration, we will contact you with renewal options. You can also reach out to our customer service team to discuss and initiate the renewal process.

10. What should I do to maintain my stone bench top?

  • Once you sign up to one or our plans you will be given expert advice on how to properly maintain your bench top.

11. How do you handle disputes or dissatisfaction with service?

  • If you have any concerns about our service, please contact us directly. We aim to resolve all issues amicably and efficiently. If necessary, disputes can be escalated to our dispute resolution team as per our policy.

12. Is there a priority service available for sudden damage?

  • Yes, our Platinum Plan includes a priority response service for sudden and unexpected damage. This service ensures a prompt response to address urgent repair needs.