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Glossary of Terms.






Glossary of Terms

  • After-Care: Services provided by Nu-Cover post-installation of stone benchtops, including maintenance, repair, and advice to ensure the longevity and aesthetic quality of the stone surfaces.
  • Benchtop: A horizontal work surface typically found in kitchens or bathrooms, made of materials such as granite, marble, quartz, or engineered stone.
  • Bronze Plan: The basic level after-care service plan offered by Nu-Cover, including essential online resources and limited support.
  • Silver Plan: An advanced level of after-care service providing more frequent and comprehensive services than the Bronze plan.
  • Gold Plan: A premium service plan offering extensive repair and maintenance services, along with priority customer support.
  • Platinum Plan: The highest tier of service offered by Nu-Cover, encompassing all-encompassing after-care services, including emergency response and a dedicated account manager.
  • Minor Repair: Repair work targeting minor damages such as chips, scratches, or small stains on the stone surface.
  • Major Repair: Comprehensive repair work for significant damages like large cracks, structural issues, or extensive wear.
  • Service Request: A formal application or notification by the customer to Nu-Cover requesting specific after-care services.
  • Service Term: The duration for which the after-care service plan is active, starting from the date of purchase.
  • Exclusions: Specific conditions, situations, or types of damage that are not covered under the after-care service plans.
  • Customer Obligations: Responsibilities and requirements that customers are expected to fulfill as part of their agreement with Nu-Cover.
  • Cancellation: The process through which a customer can terminate their after-care service plan before the end of the service term.
  • Renewal: The extension or continuation of an after-care service plan beyond its original term.
  • Liability: The state of being legally responsible for something; in this context, it refers to Nu-Cover’s responsibilities under the after-care service plan.
  • Dispute Resolution: The process by which disagreements or disputes between Nu-Cover and a customer are resolved, potentially including mediation or legal proceedings.
  • Governing Law: The body of law that is applied in the interpretation and enforcement of the terms of the after-care service plans.
  • Natural Stone: Stone in its natural form used in benchtops, such as granite or marble, characterized by its unique patterns and colors.
  • Engineered Stone: Manufactured stone material made from a blend of natural stone particles and resin, offering uniformity in pattern and color.
  • Emergency Response Service: A service feature of the Platinum Plan providing urgent repair or maintenance services in response to sudden, unexpected damage or issues.