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Nu-Cover Stone Bench-top After-Care Full-Form Policy

  1. Introduction Welcome to Nu-Cover, the premier provider of specialised after-care solutions for stone bench-tops. We pride ourselves on preserving the beauty and extending the life of your stone surfaces. This policy outlines the comprehensive range of services we offer, ensuring your benchtops always reflect the highest standard of care and craftsmanship.

  2. Scope of Services At Nu-Cover, we specialise in after-care for a variety of stone bench-tops, including granite, marble, quartz, porcelain, and engineered stone. Our services encompass everything from routine maintenance and minor repairs to major restorations and emergency interventions. We employ the latest techniques and highest quality materials to maintain the aesthetic and functional integrity of your benchtops.

  3. Definitions

    • Minor Repair: Repair work targeting small-scale damage such as chips, joint repairs, or stains (generally work that can be completed within 2-3 hours on site).
    • Major Repair: Comprehensive restoration efforts for significant damages like large cracks, face scratches, or structural issues.
    • After-Care Service Request: A formal application for maintenance or repair services, initiated by the customer under the terms of their selected after-care plan.
  4. After-Care Service Plans

    • Bronze Plan: This entry-level plan offers basic care, including access to our online stone care guides and limited email support.
    • Silver Plan: A step up, providing 2 minor repair services, continuous online support, and discounted rates for additional services.
    • Gold Plan: Comprehensive coverage, including both minor and major repair services, priority customer support, and access to educational content on stone care.
    • Platinum Plan: Our most extensive plan, offering our most robust services, telephone support, and access to our products with our biggest discount.
  5. Eligibility and Activation

    • Activation and Commencement of Service Plans: The service plans offered by Nu-Cover, including the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Plans, will be activated upon the successful installation of the stone benchtop at your premises. Activation does not coincide with the time of purchase.
    • Condition of Benchtop at Activation: By activating a service plan, you, as the owner, acknowledge that the stone benchtop has been successfully installed and is free from defects. It is your responsibility to ensure the benchtop is in satisfactory condition at the time of plan activation.
    • Exclusion of Pre-Existing Defects and Installation-Related Issues: Any defects or issues present in the stone benchtop at the time of activation, or those arising from the installation process, are outside the scope of Nu-Cover service plans. Resolution of such defects is the responsibility of the manufacturer or installer, not Nu-Cover.
    • Exclusion of Damage by Other Trades: Damage caused by other trades or contractors post-installation is not covered under Nu-Cover service plans. Our plans are designed to address accidental damage caused by the homeowner under normal usage conditions. Damages inflicted by external contractors or tradespeople should be addressed directly with the respective parties.
    • Acknowledgment by Owner: Activating a service plan with Nu-Cover signifies your agreement to these terms. You confirm that you have inspected the stone benchtop post-installation, agree to its condition, and understand the exclusions related to pre-existing defects, installation-related issues, and damage by other trades. Nu-Cover’s service plans are focused on providing care for accidental damage under normal usage by the homeowner.
    • Eligibility for Physical Repairs: Physical repairs, including minor and major repairs, are eligible for service starting six months after the activation of the service plan.
  6. Term of Service

    • Commencement of Service Term: In accordance with the stipulations set forth in our Eligibility and Activation terms (Clause 5), the term of your service plan with Nu-Cover begins not at the point of purchase, but from the moment your stone benchtop is successfully installed and the plan is activated. This ensures that our services are in sync with your actual usage and needs.
    • Duration of Coverage: Nu-Cover offers a flexible approach to the duration of your service plan. You have the option to select a term that best suits your requirements, with choices ranging from one year to five years. This flexibility allows you to tailor the service duration to match the lifecycle and usage patterns of your stone benchtop.
    • Activation Confirmation: Upon successful installation and activation of your service plan, you will receive a confirmation from Nu-Cover. This confirmation marks the official start of your selected service term and signifies the commencement of our commitment to maintaining the elegance and longevity of your stone benchtop.
  7. Service Details Each plan includes a detailed breakdown of services. The frequency and nature of these services are tailored to the specific plan, with higher-tier plans offering more frequent and extensive services. All plans are designed to maintain the aesthetic and durability of your stone benchtops, with services conducted by our team of experienced professionals.

  8. Exclusions and Limitations The after-care services do not cover damages resulting from misuse or neglect, accidents, or natural disasters. Services are also limited to the specific benchtops registered under the plan, and any alterations or modifications to the benchtop without our prior approval may void the after-care service.

    • Marble Etching
      • Exclusion from Standard Plans: Etching on marble surfaces is not covered under any of our standard after-care service plans (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum).
      • Specialized Service: Repairing or addressing etching on marble requires specific techniques and materials and therefore falls outside the scope of our regular repair and maintenance services.
      • Discounted Service Rate: Recognizing the importance of maintaining the pristine condition of your marble surfaces, we offer specialized services to address etching at a discounted rate for our valued customers.
      • Service Request: To avail of this service, customers are encouraged to contact us directly. Our team will assess the extent of the etching and provide a quote reflecting the discounted rate.
      • Understanding Etching: Etching occurs when acidic substances come into contact with the marble, leading to a chemical reaction that can dull and damage the surface. This type of damage is different from staining and requires a different approach for repair and restoration.
      • Contact and Quote: For more information or to request a quote for our etching repair services, please reach out to our customer service team at info@nu-cover.com.au. We are dedicated to ensuring the beauty and longevity of your marble benchtops.
  9. Customer Obligations Customers are required to provide timely access to their benchtops for scheduled services and are encouraged to follow our care guidelines to maintain their benchtops’ condition. Prompt reporting of any issues or damages is also crucial for effective after-care.

  10. Service Request Process Service requests can be initiated via phone, email, or our online portal depending on your service level. Customers should provide their plan details and a description of the issue with accompanying photos. We aim to respond to service requests promptly, with priority bookings available under the Platinum Plan.

  11. Cancellation and Renewal Customers can cancel their service plan at any time; however, no refunds are offered once services have been accessed. Renewal options are provided before the expiry of the current term, ensuring uninterrupted after-care for your benchtop.

  12. Liability and Dispute Resolution Our liability is limited to the provision of after-care services as per the purchased plan. Any disputes arising from the services provided will be addressed through internal resolution mechanisms first. If unresolved, disputes may be escalated to mediation or legal arbitration in Queensland, Australia.

  13. Amendments to Terms and Policy Nu-Cover reserves the right to amend the terms of service and policy details. Customers will be notified of significant changes through direct communication or via updates on our website.

  14. Governing Law This policy and the services provided by Nu-Cover are governed by the laws of Queensland, Australia, and any disputes will be resolved under the jurisdiction of these laws.

  15. Contact Information For any inquiries or service requests, customers can contact us at info@nu-cover.com.au, where our dedicated team is ready to assist.

  16. Glossary of Terms A comprehensive glossary is available, providing clear definitions of technical terms and industry-specific jargon used in our policies and communications.

  17. FAQ Our FAQ section addresses common questions and concerns, offering insights into service processes, plan details, and care advice.

  18. Provision of Services Agreement

    • Service Execution by Nu Life Stone Care PTY LTD: The services encompassed by this agreement, encompassing all repair and maintenance tasks related to stone benchtops, are exclusively provided and executed by Nu Life Stone Care PTY LTD, ABN 46 663 529 762. To maintain the highest standards in stone care, our approach to service provision is twofold:
      • Direct Services by Nu Life Stone Care: Our team, consisting of skilled and professionally trained technicians, is fully equipped to conduct all necessary repairs and maintenance tasks. With extensive experience in stone care, our in-house team ensures each task is performed with utmost precision and expertise.
      • Collaboration with Approved Third Parties: In specific scenarios where external expertise is required, we collaborate with third-party repair technicians. While these technicians operate independently of Nu Life Stone Care PTY LTD, they undergo a rigorous vetting process to meet our standards. This ensures they align with our commitment to quality and expertise.
    • Assurance of Quality and Standards: Regardless of whether services are provided directly by Nu Life Stone Care or through our approved third-party affiliates, adherence to stringent quality standards and guidelines is non-negotiable. This unified approach guarantees the highest level of service delivery and customer satisfaction, maintaining the integrity and beauty of your stone benchtops.
  19. Consumer Rights This service is provided in addition to and does not exclude any Consumer Guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law.

  20. Acknowledgement and Agreement By purchasing a Nu-Cover after-care service plan, customers acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this policy, ensuring a clear understanding and agreement to our service framework.

  21. Privacy Policy Please see our PRIVACY POLICY for details on how we manage your personal information.