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What Are Membership Levels?

Membership levels are how you purchase and choose the length of time you would like you your Care-Cover extended accidental Bench-Top warranty to run for.



Why Do We Call Them Membership Levels?

We could just call them warranty levels but Care-Cover is more than just your basic extended warranty, when you sign up with us we view you as a member of the Care-Cover family, you will be given login details to access you very own customer portal. From your portal you will be able to access a whole heap of useful tips and tricks to keep your Bench-Tops looking great and also how to deal with minor issues. You can also lodge a request for a repair from one of our masons if the damage to your stone tops is more significant. Whats more is that we have collaborated with our favourite suppliers so you can purchase tried and tested products that we use to maintain and repair your stone if and when needed.



How Do I Choose?

Just select how long you would like your Care-Cover membership to run for from the options below, follow the links to the checkout page, once you have checked out you will be given your login details and PRESTO! welcome to the Care-Cover family!